Beginner and Advanced (Advanced registration required)
A different route to competition for dogs with obedience experience.
Offered several times a year.
You will learn the various heeling variations and other skills required to complete an AKC Rally course. Many competitors find the precision of Rally excellent preparation for regular obedience competition and a great way to have fun with your dog. Rally run-thrus are offered most months.
Rally Free is a combination of rally style obedience and canine freestyle dance. The team follows signs as in Rally-O, but the moves are more dance type moves. It is best to have a dog that is responding to command already and can work some off leash. It is a great prelude to canine freestyle or an interesting class for those who love Rally-O and have titled out. There is competition for it, but not in AKC. We also do video competitions. So if you really like watching canine freestyle but think it’s too big of a jump for you and your dog, come try Rally Free and learn moves and build confidence.