Puppy Class – up to 6 months 

June 12-July 24: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm-Eastlake

July 16-August 27,  at 11:30AM-12:30-Daly

Class size: 8
$135/Non-Members, $80/Members (enter coupon at checkout)

Please read all Instructions below first, before completing the Application above

This class is for puppies up to 6 months old. The one hour long classes meet once a week for seven weeks. You are provided with class materials that cover proper puppy care and managing typical puppy behavior. You will be taught how to introduce your puppy to walking on a lead, coming when called and some basic commands. You should bring small easy to eat soft dog treats, a toy and water to each class.  Typically, puppies start after they are 8 weeks old.  However, some vets recommend that some puppies should wait until all puppy vaccinations have been completed.  Please follow the advice from your own vet.  This is not a doggie day care nor dog park environment.  The instructor and assistants will explain the two foot and dead leash rules that will help to protect all our dogs from disease transmission.  One goal of this class is to begin conditioning the dogs to basic social manners around other dogs and people.
Please come 15 minutes early and sign in at the registration desk on the first night.


You must:

  • Arrive with your dog on a collar and leash at training class. (Nylon, cotton or leather) 
  • Bring vaccination records if you did not upload them with your application
  • Clean up after your dog. (Scoops and towels are provided) 
  • Arrive on time, attend each class and practice the lessons between classes 
  • Bring water for your dog and yourself 
  • Bring small, easy to eat treats for your dog.