Intermediate- Completed Basic Manners

June 20-August 8: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm-Costello

Prerequisite – Basic Manners (click here)

This class focuses on perfecting what was learned in the Basic Manners class and preparing you for Novice Competition class. The class will include heeling, group sits and downs, stand for exam, come, figure 8’s and dog attention. It will also include some fun exercises such as backing the dog away from you and also from heel position on leash and some dance moves such as figure 8 between your legs, spins left and right, and walking weaves between your legs.

You must:

  • Arrive with your dog on a  collar and leash at training class. (Nylon, cotton or leather) 
  • Present up-to-date vaccination information on the first night. (Rabies, DHL & Parvo) 
  • Clean up after your dog. (Scoops and towels are provided) 
  • Arrive on time, attend each class and practice the lessons between classes 
  • Bring water for your dog and yourself 
  • Bring small, easy to eat treats for your dog.

What’s next?
Other Foundation courses or Beginner Novice/Novice Obedience.